Console: Allen & Heath GL 2400 – 32 channels: 24 available for band inputs, 8 reserved for cd, fx returns, etc.
Speakers: Highs & Mids: (2)JBL SR4733X, Subs: (2) EV MTL1X
Amps: QSC RMX: High 1450, Mid 5050, Sub 4050
Dynamics: DBX Drive Rack & DBX 1231 on main inserts, 10 channels of DBX compressor/gates, 1 PRO VLA II, 1 Lexicon MX 200

Monitors: (Mixed from FOH)
4 mixes: SR, Center, SL, Drum
Speakers: Yamaha SM15V
Amps: QSC RMX 1450
EQ: Peavey Q231F

Send input list and stage plot to: bookingtheunicorn/at/
If you are providing your OWN LIGHT SHOW please email the specs / stage plot for the light show to: bookingtheunicorn/at/ as well.

If you want a board recording of the show you will need to bring a recording device and 1/4 cables @ load in (7pm).
Keep in mind that in a room of this size a board recording will be very drum and vocal heavy. To get a realistic image of the performance you will need to bring room mics to balance the guitars and any other amplified instruments.
Please do not come up to the booth right before the bands begin or while they are playing and ask to plug in. We don’t want to take the chance of unplugging something and impacting the show.