Console: Midas m32 – 32 channels: 24 available for band
inputs, 8 reserved for cd, fx returns, etc.
*The console includes effects(verb, delay etc.) and dynamics for every channel.

Speakers: Highs & Mids: (2)JBL SR4733X, Subs: (2) EV MTL1X
Amps: QSC RMX: High 1450, Mid 5050, Sub 4050
Dynamics: DBX Drive Rack & DBX 1231 on main inserts, 10 channels of DBX compressor/gates, 1 PRO VLA II, 1 Lexicon MX 200

Monitors: (Mixed from FOH)
4 mixes: SR, Center, SL, Drum
Speakers: Yamaha SM15V
Amps: QSC RMX 1450
EQ: Peavey Q231F